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Cars and Driving Links

National Motorists Association
The WWW Speedtrap Registry!
The WWW Cop Car Registry!
BMWCCA Laser Jammer test
Dave's Volvo Page
Brickboard Volvo Discussion Site
RoadRunning Ezine
Turbo Magazine Online
AutoWeak Online
Kerry's Pontiac Garage
Car and Driver
RaceZine (formerly RaceNet)
Satch Carlson's Home Page
How To Drive Like A Moron
Autoboard(tm) Hotlinks

Computer and Home Automation Links

Dave Central!
Dick Perron's PC Hardware Links
Good Bill Gates Pieing Pix
Windows95 Annoyances
The X-10 Home Page
The X-10 FAQ
Home Automator Newsletter
Electronic House Magazine
Home Automation Index
Home Controls Inc Home Automation Catalog
Some Home Automation Ideas
America OnLine?
America Out Of Line
America OnLine
... you gotta have Pet Care Automation

Dave's World

Virtually the live view out my window: Pikes Peak
KEPC 89.7 FM - Live RA feed
C.C. Tiger Hockey
Larry's Table Tennis Page
A World of Table Tennis
A World of Web Cams
Making The World Safe For Sex
Scientific American
Space Science News
The Constitution of the United States of America
National Geographic
Check out Stan Ridgway
The National Address Server
Going somewhere? Here's the map!

Other Worlds

Get PowWow, the free, life-altering, personal communicator
FreeTel is a pretty good free 'net phone
PGP Privacy Matters
Download Pretty Good Privacy from M.I.T. (U.S. only)
Nat Queen's PGP Page
Download a Pretty Good W3.1 GUI shell for PGP
Download (146K!) my favorite efficient W95 PGP shell
Anonymous E-(re-)mailer
Anonymous E-(re-)mailer
Spam Email Bouncer
THE List of ISPs
Censor The Internet?
Paul's Internet Privacy Page
2600 Magazine Online (includes hacked DOJ page!)
Paranoia Home Page
Quayle Quotes
Think For Yourself; Just Say Know
The War On Drugs
Modern Medical Mystery
Explore dek's web space
John's Awesome Links

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