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A Not-So-Small Contribution to the World Wide Wasteoftime

When I was 8 weeks old, just before I left my first home to
be with Dave, I got to retrieve my first bird. It was B I G !!!

It's a... M O N S T E R! It sure flaps a lot, too. I got it!  Now what? Oh, you want me to bring it to you? No problem.  This is FUN!

Here are some more recent pictures of me (4+ mo. and 3+ yr.):

That's a bright light. What's happenin'?

Look what I found!  (Age:
4 1/2 years)
March '98: In nearby Garden Of The Gods Park, I found some interesting bones!

Jumping for joy
October '98: I love Oglebay!

Top dog wins.
May '99: Wrasslin' a BIG dog!

Here's some 'video art', Puppy's First Retrieve, ©1996:
Puppy's First Retrieve (C)1996  World Rights Reserved

And since Dave was nice enough to let me put my own page on his website,
I'm going to let him put a picture (of him with Als Unser) on my picture page:
Dave on Pikes Peak (Brrrr) with Als Unser

The racers in this picture account for 6 Indy 500 wins (and they were all before Tony George pulled the tradition out from under the race in 1996), plus 3 Hill Climb victories. (This picture was taken about 13,000 feet above sea level on Pikes Peak on July 4, 1995, about 9 a.m.; wind chill was around zero degrees Farenheit (-18 Celsius) [that was the year they didn't race to the summit...!].)