Learn your BACK ButtonS

Right now, to get back to the page you just came from (where you clicked on the "s"), you could move the pointer to the BACK "button" somewhere on the periphery of your browser window, and Click on it.

If you are using Netscape (as most web surfers once did; now there's Mozilla), there is a faster way or two:

Just Right-Click (also known as Alternate-Select or Context-Menu) anywhere in the display area of the browser window, and then Click on the BACK selection that is at the top of the Context Menu that appears just a pixel away from your pointer.

TRY IT NOW (3 easy steps):

1. Right-Click (if your mouse allows it) anywhere on this page.

2. Move your pointer just until the top (BACK) option is selected.

3. Click.

    ;)  surfing happiness!

Alternately, if you're more keyboard (digitally?) oriented, Netscape will take you BACK to the prior page if you hold down the ALT key while you press and release the LEFT-ARROW key. (You get 3 guesses what happens if you do an ALT - RIGHT-ARROW.)

For you pointing-device-preferrers, the context (right-click) menu also offers a Forward option.

    8D  more surfing happiness!

If you tried it and you're still here, either try again or else just use your browser's BACK button like everyone else.

My apologies in advance to all the Mac and IE and other users I've offended. I believe Mac users of Netscape can hold down the mouse button to accomplish a "right click".

If you will tell me, via email, how to make this page more inclusive of your computer system, I will make the appropriate changes. Or, you could just get Netscape!